Play mahjong Classic For Free Online

Mahjong Classic is a classic Chinese game whose origins date back more than three centuries ago, offering beautiful-scaled ivory tiles on an intricate scenic background, and is therefore the perfect strategy game for all age-groups. If you are just beginning to learn strategy games, the Classic version can be a good way to gain some familiarity with this genre. The rules of the game are simple: At the start of each game, you will select two tiles from your discard pile and place them onto the center of the playing area. You and your opponent then choose which volcano bet tile you wish to move and place that tile on the vacant position on the field.

The classic mahjong variation includes a set of twenty-six tiles, called the mahjong basic layer, which are all numbered. The tiles in this layer can be mixed up, but cannot be changed (including being traded). The mahjong classic game consists of four suites, or levels, ranging from the first through the fourth tier. There is also a beginner’s level, which is only eleven tiles long. Finally, there are two bonus levels beyond the beginner’s which allow you to access the advanced mahjong sets.

The twenty-six tiles in the mahjong basic friday casino layer add variety to the game, while the beautiful ivory tiles add a sense of importance to the game. This visual aspect of the mahjong classic makes it the ideal game to play when you have some down time to spend on your leisure. When you play mahjong classic for free online, you can fully appreciate all of the beautiful visuals that enhance the classic strategy game.